About ISA

Aachen is a city where diverse cultures determine everyday life. The Iranian population is one of the largest foreign groups in this city. Besides a large number of families, Iranian students form the sixth largest international community at RWTH Aachen University.

Iranian Student Association Aachen e. V. or ISA Aachen is a student association of Iranian students studying at RWTH Aachen University or FH Aachen. ISA was founded in 2009 and only pursues charitable purposes. In the beginning, smaller cultural events were held, film evenings were organized and sports competitions were jointly taken part in. Gradually, with the introduction of various sets of rules and the acquisition of new members, the association became more professional and organized several large celebrations, seminars in the field of business and university further education as well as the first conference of Iranian students and academics in Aachen.

Today, with 31 full members and over 800 extraordinary members, the ISA is one of the most active and strongest student associations at RWTH Aachen.

In view of the great potential of the association and its members, ISA has set itself the goal of actively participating in the integration of Iranian students into German society and the German labor market, personal development and support for a successful career start. This goal is to be achieved through a series of seminars, workshops and conferences. ISA also creates a climate of understanding and exchange between Iranian and German or international students through cultural events. The ISA offers a colorful program in the field of culture, art, sport and entertainment and gives members a variety of opportunities to get involved in the association.

We owe the rapid growth of the association to the commitment of our members, who, in addition to their studies, are committed to the goals of the association and mutual support and hope to be able to gain many more members.

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